Friday, May 14, 2010

Print Gocco, My First Experiment or Revisiting An Old Friend or Who Let Lucy Into The Wardrobe Again?...

Well for my latest project I wanted to experiment with my new PG-11 Print Gocco Machine. I thought I'd use it to produce a small run limited edition print, to give to Mum for Mother's Day.

For those of you that don't know Gocco (プリントゴッコ Purinto Gokko, "Print Gocco") is a self-contained compact color printing system invented in 1977 by Noboru Hayama. Gocco became immensely popular in Japan and it is estimated that one-third of Japanese households own a Print Gocco system. The name "Print Gocco" is derived from the Japanese word gokko (ごっこ?), loosely translated as make-believe play.

For this print I decided to revisit an old design I created for a T-Shirt back in the Soap T-Shirts era, called Who Let Lucy Into The Wardrobe? My first step here was to recreate the illustration, as I felt my original line work was a bit sloppy and my pen and ink work has gotten much better.

Before Printing, I had to cut down my stock, separate the image into its 3 colours for printing and image the 3 masters through the Print Gocco's flash bulb system.

Now for the fun part, let the 3 colour printing process begin.

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