Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Night Of The Jaffington

Born from a couple's obsession with creating the perfect cake and rising from the chocolatey depths of an experiment gone horribly right, this citrus infused creature will leave a trail of desiccated coconut terror wherever it goes. Part Orange, Part Chocolate.... All Yummy.

Night Of The Jaffington
is an illustration and recipe I recently submitted to feature in the Sweets Workshop publication and accompanying exhibition, FOOD FIGHT the sweet tooth-stuff edition.

FOOD FIGHT, a Sweets Workshop initiative is all about food, pitting image against text, recipe against illustration, photograph against story. In the ring this year is the sweet tooth – a dedicated look at all things deliciously sweet.

My submission revolved around a neat little recipe my partner Emma and I created for a tasty cuboid cake which fused two of my favorite flavor combinations, orange and chocolate. The resulting cake crossed an orange cake with the idea of a traditional Australian lamington and thus the Jaffington was born.

In creating the Artwork for my submission I chose to give the Jaffington the persona of a B-grade Movie Monster from the golden days of cinema.

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  1. What a frightfully delicious fusion! I love the textures.