Friday, September 28, 2012

The Serpent Sisters - From Sketch To Finished Art

Here is a look at another character from card game Pack of Heroes which I have been hard at work on. They are called The Serpent Sisters and are part of the team the Freakshow Five.

I get asked a lot what goes into creating a finished piece of artwork so I created the above animation to give a sense of the development of The Serpent Sisters illustration, from the initial sketches to the final inked and coloured piece of artwork. As an illustration the Serpent Sisters are quite unique for me because as you can see they changed very little across the course of their creation. This is definitely not always the case, stay tuned for another illustration animation in the coming weeks showing just how far an illustration can change over the course of its creation.

As a Bonus, here is the Serpent Sisters' bio:
Catchphrase: "You're hissstory!"
Love interest: Monsieur Mongoose

Origin:  Legends of a serpentine set of siamese twins can be traced back centuries in the folk tales of Eastern Europe. But the world was shocked when in 1937, The Serpent Sisters were first photographed as performers in an obscure Romanian circus. Shunning their newfound fame, the sisters disappeared into the world of vigilante crime fighting. Seemingly ageless, The Serpent Sisters are sure to appear wherever the cry of an orphan, widow or sideshow freak is heard! 

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  1. Thisss character isss sssimply sssuper! It is so lovely to see the details develop. I really like the textures you've used too.