Monday, August 3, 2015

Antibiotic Man and Antibiotic Woman, Superhero Comic Book Illustration Commision

Here is a look at a series of superhero comic book illustrations that I was commissioned to draw for a national antibiotic awareness, advertising campaign.

The campaign was used to create awareness of the misuse of antibiotics and how this ultimately leads to a decline in their effectiveness.

My brief was to illustrate a story that followed two superhero characters, Antibiotic Man and Antibiotic Woman. They get a call from a Doctor to go and help fight a mother and child's illness. Antibiotic Man and Antibiotic Woman are tough, strong and super powered when called upon to fight infection but if they are misused or used for the the wrong reason their strength in actual times of need diminishes.

The final illustrations were presented as a series of comic book panels. I had a heap of fun illustrating this body of work and working to a very tight deadline. The campaign was aimed at a broad range of the community so I decided to use a punchy retro comic book style. I wanted the panels to illustrate the narrative without the need for a great deal of wording. I also managed to pack in as many superhero cliches into the characters and panels as I could, from the Red Antibiotics hot line phone to Antibiotic Mans cleft chin and Antibiotic Woman bouffant hairstyle. Hopefully you'll get to see my illustrations coming soon to a doctor's surgery near you.

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