Saturday, October 31, 2015

Eye Scream Sundae Halloween Illustration

First up Happy Halloween! YAY! Here is a look at my illustration for this year's Food Fight collaborative exhibition and calendar at Sweets Workshop. Food Fight is an annual exhibition & calendar featuring artwork and recipes by Australian artists & makers. If you like the look of the calendar you can purchase it here.

This year's theme is Seasonal Love, so I decided to illustrate a Halloween piece to be featured in the month of October in the 2016 calendar. For this illustration I wanted to revisit the style and characters I created for my Haunted House Rock exhibition from a few years ago. I began by sketching a scene set inside a 1950's diner.

I wanted the scene to look like it was straight off the set of Happy Days, with Frankie out on a nice romantic Halloween date with his latest squeeze a seductive Vampirette. Also in the background I decided to draw a Teen Werewolf listening to his favorite new hit on the jukebox while howling at a female waitress who looks like she has emerged from the Black Lagoon.

To give this illustration a very vintage feel I dusted off my paint brushes and painted the final piece with gouache on illustration board which was a lot of fun I haven't taken the time to paint in years. I think using gouache really gave the illustration and authentic vintage feel.  For the calendar I also decided to include a small recipe for some gross eatable eye balls made of lychee's and raspberry licorice that can be added to add a touch of Halloween to any dessert! You can grab a copy of the calendar here.

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