Thursday, October 15, 2015

True - Spandau Ballet, Song Poster Illustration Commission #1

I was recently commissioned to illustrate a fantastic project that was a little secretive as the end results was a wedding gift from a bride to be to her husband. Now that the wedding is over I can finally blog about it. The project was to illustrate three posters that visually represented three songs that were very significant to the couple. The end result was going to be three posters that they could hang in their home. The first song was True by Spandau Ballet.

With this poster I wanted to use iconography and minimal typography to illustrate the song's lyrics. I also wanted the poster to have an 80's colour pallet giving a sense of the period the song was from. I emblazoned the centre on the poster with the word "True" (the title of the song ) which I illustrated to have the appearance of a giant mirror ball to represent the big impact that the chorus of the song has.

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