Friday, December 22, 2017

Milk Creature (Thala Siren) Custom Star Wars Action Figure

Well after watching Star Wars The Last Jedi what can I say...... I'm not gonna shy away from my general dislike of the film but the scene where Luke milks the teat of a giant sea creatures melted my brain and so I was compelled to create a custom action figure of my new favorite character out of the whole Star Wars mythology the Thala Siren.

I sculpted the creature with super sculptey, over a wire frame and aluminum foil musculature. I then painted her with hobby paints and created a custom box in the old school style of the Kenner originals. My rational here (other than showing my age) was that had this movie come out 30 years ago I am 100% sure they would have made an action figure of these Milk Creature, just as they made Tauntauns from the Empire Strikes Back, who even had an open belly rescue Luke action feature....gross.

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