Sunday, July 1, 2018

Barbeque Barbarians - Vintage Style Trading Cards

Meet the Barbeque Barbarians! I recently created and illustrated this rag tag group of characters and thought they would be perfect fodder to produce a wax pack of retro/vintage 1980's style collector cards.

The Barbeque Barbarians are; Burger Master, Shee-La, Fryer, The Sauceress, Hell Dog, Chook and The Rack. After a night of beer and barbecue, earth born Brax Anderson found himself transformed and transported to a savage, lawless land. Wielding the Sacred, Serrated Steak Knife of POWER, he leads the mighty Barbeque Barbarians into battle against an evil overlord and her mindless mercenaries. Each pack contains ALL 7 characters and is jam packed with so much retro goodness you will "Taste The POWER!"

Each pack features all 7 characters and the card all feature a bio on the back. You can pick up a pack via my online shop here. I'm also in the very early stages of creating a comic featuring the heroic adventures of these guys, so watch this space.

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